What Is Editing?

What is editing? What do editors do? There are two kinds of editing that I am primarily concerned with: development or substantive editing and copyediting. What are they and what are the differences between these types of editing?cropped-edit.jpg

Development or Substantive Editing
Developmental editors offer suggestions about the goals and aim of your writing, whether fiction or non-fiction. A Worded Life will examine organisational aspects of your writing, moving entire sentences and paragraphs at times in order to improve the flow of your ideas. A Worded Life will examine the content, design, and style of your writing to ensure consistency and coherence. A Worded Life will examine the concept of your writing, the story and character development, the use of dialogue, the sense of place that has been created, narrative voice, pacing, style, language.
The development editing can begin working collaboratively with the writer, acting as a consultation, before the writing process begins. In this capacity, the development editor will help brainstorm ideas and make a clear writing plan.

Proofreading Promotion

Copyeditors check the manuscript for clarity and flow, address inconsistencies ad mistakes, and prepare a style sheet. Depending on the level of editing required, copyediting can include such things as checking spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, language usage, sequencing in lists, hyphenation, numerals, display elements like figures or tables, fonts, capitalisation, references, headings and footers, plot, setting, character, dialogue, and ambiguity.

A Worded Life: Writing and Editing Services

A Worded Life offer both development editing and copyediting. To discover more about this and what other services A Worded Life offer, see How I Can Help You. To enquire about the range of services A Worded Life offers or to seek a quote, please contact A Worded Life.


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