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I offer a range of Writing and Editing Services and Writing eCourses.
From ghostwriting your corporate history, collaborating in the creation of your biography
or connecting with your writer within, why not let me help you?You spend hours worrying over your writing.
You have ideas, but no time to write them down. You have drafted a manuscript that is now stashed in a drawer and needs to be developed. You dream of one day allowing yourself time to pick up more writing skills. You imagine writing your story, but have just not found the courage. I have spent my whole life wrestling with words and I would love nothing more than to assist and support you.
I live A Worded Life. I am passionate about words and writing of all kinds: ghostwriting, copywriting, biographies, fiction, corporate histories, blogs, journal writing…and everything else in between! I write, edit and facilitate writers’ workshops.
Let’s find an offering to suit your needs.


I worked closely with Shel, and inspiring individual. She is amazing! She is passionate about words and writing, and helped me dig deep, look at myself and unravel ‘My Story’.

Little did I know how therapeutic this whole process was going to be.

We spoke for a long time about my background, my family history, my passions, my vulnerabilities. You name it, we spoke about it, and all the time we were speaking, I was laughing, crying and high fiving the air.

The result of what came from all of that was a beautifully written Bio and Story about me and my practice of why I do what I do.

I would recommend Shel without doubt or hesitation.

Kellie North
Conceptual Photographer and Artist / Kellie North Creative

I was struggling to find the right words to set up the website for my Celebrant business. I had an idea on what I wanted to say, but couldn’t seem to get it into suitable words. Shel helped bring out my ideas. The end result… Wow! It looks great! Thanks Shel, for writing me the perfect copy and for making the process very easy.

Debra Thompson
Celebrant / Celebrate with Deb

We would highly recommend Shel for her professionalism, patience and tenacity. When we thought about promoting Sam and his new printmaking process it was difficult to know where to start. Sometimes, you can just be too close to your own subject. Shel thought up an angle and developed several really good articles and sent them off on spec to a number of art magazines. The results were nearly all positive – all of the publishers being impressed with Shel’s professionalism and her attention to detail. Shel’s 4-page article on Sam has just been published in Australian Artist magazine as a cover story! Other magazines are only waiting until we organise an exhibition date before they too publish. She has excellent communication skills and is easy and comfortable to work with.

Sam Sosnowski and Jacqui Sosnowski
Artist and Potter

Thank you so much for all your hard work, time, support and expertise. Your feedback shaped the story and helped us pull out more from it. We wouldn’t have a published book without you.

Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler

I had been working on my book ‘Keri Craig: The Label The Lady The Lifestyle’ for some time before Shel was recommended to me – I wish the introduction had been made earlier! I had very little idea about the incredible complications involved with copyright permissions. Without Shel, I doubt the book would have been completed, it certainly would not have been handled as smoothly and professionally.

Shel gave clear and informed advice from the outset and genuinely held my best interests and those of my book as her priority. Her warm and professional demeanour was a great driving force and her attention to detail was unsurpassed. Shel worked tirelessly through a large number of complex copyright permissions, leaving me to focus on the content, design and layout of the book.

Shel made a valuable and significant difference to the progress and completion of my book, and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Shel, you have been such a pleasure to work with, so dedicated, hard-working and thorough. I only wish we had been involved with more Shels! I can’t thank you enough.

Keri Craig-Lee

Authors need honest and reliable reviewers and Shel is just that. She has written detailed reviews for ten of my books, including six of my Fire Mountain series. Her work is of a high standard and she conducts herself professionally at all times.

Shirleen Davies

I had read the various descriptions of editorial services offered and had formed the opinion that a content editor would give an independent view of the novel with more depth than that which is given by friends. Shel provided the independent opinion I was seeking and I was pleased with the detail she put into the appraisal. She looked at the structure of the novel and pointed out where improvements could be made. There was enough detail to stimulate new thoughts regarding the book. I was very satisfied with the service Shel provided: it was encouraging for a debut author as well as professional. I know I will seek her services again when I finish my next book.

P. M. George

When I first considered setting up a page for my business on Facebook, I had no idea about content, but after consulting with Shel I now have a clear direction. Shel got my page started with some great posts and created a wonderful direct mail marketing letter. Now I have the confidence to keep it all going. Shel has also been fantastic at editing the content for my new website. Shel is confident with whatever task I send her way and she always delivers before the arranged due date!

Jarrah Hustler

Shel, You are an inspiration! Thank you for all your support with Bliss. Every hour you spent on our work is a blessing to Bliss and the cause that it advocates. You helped create a strong foundation for us to build on. The work you did for us, including proofreading web content, writing, and providing us with a brilliant social media strategy, makes us grateful.

We definitely want you to continue providing your services to us. Our relationship with you has grown so much through the past year and you are truly an asset to our organization. We would happily recommend your services. Thank you.

Sherry Dee
Creative Director / BLISS, USA

Shel was an excellent writing mentor throughout the journey of writing my memoir. She is a wonderful editor and was able to assist me in finishing my manuscript with deadlines. She is sensitive and diplomatic, but knows when to push or prompt when it is needed. Shel cares about her clients and positively encouraged and promoted my work process throughout my whole experience with A Worded Life. Shel provided insightful feedback that helped move my writing from manuscript to print-ready book. I am so thankful I found her. Shel was an absolute, positive delight to work with. I’ve not only worked with an intelligent whiz for words, I’ve worked with somebody who became a great friend!”


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the work you have recently done on my copy for my latest website. It’s always hard to put together a new website and I really wanted something that stood out from the rest of the boating agents doing the same thing. You were a blessing sent to me! You not only listened to what I wanted, but when you recreated my copy, you excited me with the words you used and then gave me the added bonus of the SEO’s to use.

No request was too hard, time frames were kept and I really feel we have nailed it. I will not only recommend A Worded life to EVERYONE, I will use you again! Thanks again Shel. Awesome!

Rebekah Markey
Event Specialist · Event Organiser / Australian Charter Services

When I first began thinking about how I could bring my book, The Creation of Trust, to life, little did I realise that it would take far longer than I thought, require significantly more hours than I could have imagined and have required the extensive research that it did.

Of course, none of this could have been seen to completion, indeed to publication without the support of many people who directly influenced and enabled this publication, including Shel Sweeney.

Shel was my guide throughout this incredible journey. Shel’s experience and willingness to share this whilst challenging my perspectives has been beyond valuable.

Craig Dent
Chief Executive Officer / State Trustees Limited and author

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