Art Story: Slow Art

I recently had an article published in Australian Artist: Slow Art, and One Artist’s Journey into Mokulito Printmaking. The article was the culmination of several interviews with artist Sam Sosnowski and his ceramicist wife, Jacqui.

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Sam Sosnowski making a mokulito print

This was a blessed moment where work really didn’t feel like work. I got to visit these two wonderful artists and talk about their studio, their work, their travels and their life. I got to hang out in their beautiful home, drinking coffee, eating cheese and crackers and patting their dog, Roy.

But aside from all this lusciousness, I thought closely about Sam’s work and asked powerful questions that helped him reflect on his art practice in a deep and meaningful way. I discovered that through the art of the interview, all participants walk away from the experience enriched in some way.

You can find Sam at his website.

Australian Artist is a print publication, available for sale on their website. Grab a copy, read it, discover more about Sam and mokulito printing…I hope you too will be enriched.


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