Writing Prompts

Sometimes, even the most prolific writers need a little help. Writing prompts can get you writing, and they can keep you writing when the words do not flow as readily as you would like.

Why use writing prompts?

For anyone who has ever sat down with grand ideas to WRITE, you will know that writing inspiration can wax and wane. There are times when ideas seem thin on the ground and you need to shake it up a little. Sometimes you just need to write your way through the bumps… And writing prompts can help you do just that.

The writer’s toolkit

There are many skills that can assist your writing journey. Beginning to write, gaining confidence in your writing ability, generating new ideas to write about, tapping into your creative spark and generating motivation to keep writing are all immensely valuable skills for writers. Writing prompts are a tool you can use to help you build these skills.

Writing Kickstart

Writing Kickstart: 30 days of writing prompts‘ is a FREE eCourse designed to help you kick-start your imagination and a regular writing practice. This eCourse will get your creativity flowing again. Who knows, these writing prompts might even help you generate ideas for a great poem, story or novel.

Writing sample

Upon completing Writing Kickstart, author, Hakea Hustler, said, “These prompts took me to strange places that I hadn’t expected to go! I had heaps of fun with these prompts.”

Here’s a writing sample from Hakea in response to the prompt: ‘Look, embody, see, reveal’:

She embodied tragedy. Her small soft frame contrasted against the harsh courtroom background. Called to the witness stand, the jury saw a broken mother. She gave her testimony – a modest recount of the way she had raised her young son to be brave, strong and proud. She testified to how happy he had been the day she had finally let him ride to the school down the road on his own. She revealed the horror of the moment she got the phone call; her distress at finding her young boy being loaded into the ambulance – the red pool on the black rocks of the basketball courts; the moment the doctor pronounced her ten-year-old dead. Her eyes locked with the mother of the little girl that her son had saved from the pack of bullies that day. An unspoken connection. Each knowing how easily the little girl could have been in the young boy’s grave. One punch. A tragedy.

Who knows where these prompts might take you! What are you waiting for? Sharpen your pencils, turn on your computer, wind paper into your typewriter, flip open to a new page in your journal and get ready for an awesome 30 days!

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