The Why Of Writing Prompts

The creative spark is not always present. Sometimes a blank page is so daunting that it can be difficult to begin writing. Writing prompts are the seeds for your imaginative spark. Writing prompts can ease you into writing. They help you to keep writing even when inspiration has vacated the building.

Why use writing prompts?

Generally speaking, you tend to be less attached to the outcome of a writing prompt as you might be with your other ‘real’ pieces of writing. This means you can treat writing prompts as practice activities, a rehearsal of sorts to other writing. This detachment allows you to be freer in your writing practice. Freer to be more open to trying new techniques or to play around with your writing.


This idea of freeing up the writerly brain is what helps you overcome writer’s block (should you be unfortunate enough to be feeling massively stuck). The simple act of sitting down to write about an idea that you didn’t need to burst brain cells to come up with yourself, can be just enough to get your creative juices flowing.


Kick-start your writing

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